Sean McKay

A rare vintage photograph of Sean McKay himself!

Steve Willett

Steve “That DJ Guy” Willett is the same DJ-guy that had been waking up the Southern Tier of New York for 15 years. First with STAR 105.7, then part of 99-1 the Whale’s morning show with Steve, Kathy & Big Wally. Now he lives and works in Altoona, PA hosting shows on WRTA as well as parties in both Pennsylvania and New York State. He likes to take his crazy on-air persona and apply it to every party he hosts.

Doug Herendeen

After months of asking Doug Herendeen for a written Bio for the WKMC website, we told him to just tell us what he us to put wanted here, and we would write it down.

“Look at photo to the left.  Seriously?  You know how long it took to take that? 40 minutes!  We play all these two-and-a-half-minute records, and I had to keep running in and out of the WKMC studio for the poor woman to try again until she got something usable. Like my show isn’t already a disjointed mess.  We could’ve just used my drivers license photo, for crying out loud.  Now, THOSE people are quick.  I got two tries, whether I ended up looking like Quasimodo or not. “Smile! CLICK! Don’t like it? Smile! CLICK!” and they were done with me.  And, say what you will about the Driver’s License Centers in Pennsylvania, but the people at mine are actually really nice.  Maybe because I usually stop in on a Saturday afternoon and they were bored, I don’t know… What was the question, again?”

Jennifer Wilde

Check back for information about Jennifer Wilde.