429 RecordsFor his latest album, Braver than We Are, Meat Loaf reunited with Jim Steinman, who wrote all the songs on his classic Bat Out of Hell records. The new release, which debuted this week at #11 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart, features 10 songs composed by Steinman throughout his long career, including some of the first tunes he ever wrote.

Meat Loaf tells ABC Radio that he thinks Braver than We Are is “hypnotic,” and considers it a tribute to his longtime collaborator. He explains that in putting it together, he pored through 35 or 40 Steinman compositions and “picked the ones that I’d always wanted to do.”

The singer says he felt like he was picking up where he left off with Steinman, who last collaborated with him on 2006’s Bat Out of Hell III.

“[It’s like] we never left,” Meat Loaf maintains. “We’re completely opposite [personalities], but when it becomes artistic we’re like one.”

Braver than We Are is filled with lengthy, theatrical songs showcasing such musical genres as rock, pop, gospel, classical and opera. Meat Loaf tells ABC Radio that he’d initially wanted the album to run together as one long piece, “like a Mozart record.”

Two songs on the album, “Skull of Our Country” and “Souvenirs,” feature lyrics and melodies that also appear in two of Steinman’s best-known compositions — Bonnie Tyler‘s chart-topping “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and Meat Loaf’s “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.” Meat Loaf reveals that “Skull” and “Souvenirs” actually were written early in Steinman’s career and that he repurposed parts of those tunes while creating the hit songs.

As for how he feels about Braver than We Are, Meat Loaf says, “I’ve actually listened to this record more times than all the other records I made [cumulatively].”

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Source: Oldies News